About Us

Who We Are

O2 & O3 Consulting Ltd is a professional services company with the aim of providing its clients with all of the necessary services to achieve, maintain, continually improve and demonstrate compliance with the demands of Quality; Health; Safety: Environment; Food and Customer Management System requirements.

O2 & O3 Consulting Ltd is tailored to respond to these requirements by either advising our clients of the most appropriate line of action through consulting, assessing and developing manpower capacity through training, seminars and workshops, monitoring the effectiveness of clients’ management systems, certification and surveillance audits which will be conducted by a Certification Body (C.B).

O2 & O3 Consulting Ltd is managed by seasoned professionals who have either trained, audited and/or worked with renowned organizations in the food and beverage sectors (Rofico Nig. Ltd, 7-Up Nig. Ltd) , Pharmaceutical industries (Major & Co Pharmaceutical Nig. Ltd) , Oil and Gas Servicing Companies (Tag Lines Nig Ltd, RusselSmith Nig. Ltd, Skysite Offshore Access West Africa Ltd, NiGSA Energy Services Ltd, EON Energy Services, Karsto Global Resources Ltd) Industrial Spare Servicing Companies (TekniTeed Nig Ltd), Maritime/Oil and Gas Servicing (Beneprojecti Nigeria Limited, VTT Maritime West Africa), Financial Industries ( Cash & Balance Nigeria Ltd, Dipslinkgroup), School (Blaugrana Sports International Limited; FCBESCOLA Football School Lagos), ICT Servicing Companies (Softcom Nig. Ltd) to mention a few. 


Our Core Values

Our core values portray what drives us as an entity to seeing that we remain the most preferred in the industry and also to exceed our customers’ expectation by the way we operate.


We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in conducting our business, and are committed to complying with defined and established statutory and regulatory requirements in the industry.


We exhibit high level of transparency in whatever we do. We also create enabling work environment through trust, teamwork, supervisory support, communication, innovation and motivation.


We will continually engage, develop, retain and build skilled and competent human resource capacity through training and hands-on experience to drive and manage the delivery of superior services to all our clients and prospects.


Our customers are the reason why we remain in business. It is therefore, our clear objective and focus to always seek to provide services that consistently meet and exceed the expectations of customers.

Why Choose Us?

O2 & O3 CONSULTING LTD is uniquely positioned to provide its clients with quality and customer centric services that will generate added value and also exceeding their expectations.

Vision Statement

To be the most preferred provider of management systems consultancy, support services and capacity building organization.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the most cost effective and efficient management systems solution to client with a direct focus on global best practices through development, documentation, compliance supervision and implementation monitoring.

Quality Policy Statement

O2 & O3 Consulting Ltd shall constantly provide services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We shall pursue the continual improvement of our quality management system, health, safety and environmental processes through programs that enable each employee to do their job right and safe the first time and at all times. In the execution of our services; we shall also identify, document and abide by all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements guiding our operations in the industry. This policy shall also serve as a means for setting and reviewing quality objectives of the company Employees shall comply with this policy at all levels in the company.


We offer International Standards training such as; QMS (ISO 9001:2015), EMS (ISO 14001:2015),OHSMS (ISO 45001:2018),FSMS (ISO 22001:2018) 


Our Clients